First send me some good pictures. The cartoon turns out best if the subject hams it up a bit.

Then use the contact page here to e-mail me (be sure to attach the photos).

Then I'll create the drawing in Photoshop and and e-mail it to you.

These drawings are great for business cards, newsletters, Facebook. I could do one of every employee in your company, and put each of the heads on the same company specific superhero body.

Digitally Drawn Caricatures

Just as I created this digital caricature of Rick Moranis I can do one of you. I drew it in Adobe Illustrator and saved it as a jpeg

digitally created caricature me
This very successful Real Estate agent has a smile that sells houses. She asked me to emphasize her "cheesy"smile (her words) and save it as a pdf for print.
I turned this drawing of myself into a button. I drew it in Illustrator and saved it as a gif



Full color Head caricature

Full color head & body caricature

If you need no more convincing.



These two are fine hair dressers. These images were used on their business cards.   I saved this image as a jpeg and e-mailed it right to an embroiderer





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