I have been illustrating professionally for over 30 years.

My work has appeared in children's books, on menus, in national advertisements, in print advertising, in magazines, and newspapers.

If big names will help convince you I have illustrated for Motorola, Intel, Pepsi, yaddiddy, yadiddy.

Nowadays you can find plenty of cartoon illustrations very inexpensively on the web.

When you want something nobody else can use, if you want exactly what you want and can't find it on the web, when you need a creative, professional cartoon illustration give me a call.



My favorite traditional medium is watercolor with details overdrawn with colored pencils.
Goblins Illustration by Tom Bant
My favorite way to create illustrations on desktop are Photoshop and Illustrator
Garden Ladies Cartoon by Tom BantTom Bant Cartoonist from Wrightwood
Cartoons by Tom Bant
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Tom Bant • (760) 249-5897 • e-mail: bants@verizon.net • P.O. Box 183, Wrightwood, California