Every one of my assignments begins with the distribution of an assignment sheet like those to the right.


After an effort to connect the new assignment to the student's lives, the requirements of the project are made clear.



Each assignment sheet displays the grading rubric so my students know exactly how to succeed. A graded copy of this rubric is attached to the art when I return it to the students.

This assignment is about trying to create different textures with watercolor and colored pencils. The focus is observation and trying to depict smooth plastic metal and glass textures as well human tissue and other organic surface textures.


This assignment called for a little more human figure drawing, something much of the class asked to do. The first part of the assignment was that the students do a caricature of themselves as a robot. They were asked to caricaturize thier physical appearance onto a robot. They were then challenged to employ movement, balance and emphasis in the creation of a graphic novel page


This is a good assignment to introduce sculpture.



This project provided a framework onto which I was able to add some history about the traditions and cultural significance of Dias de los Muertos. Students also learned that observational drawing techniques can be applied to three dimentional works and they learned to decorate a form with pattern. Each student created their skull with paper mache, and decorated with pattern using acrylic paint.

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