Introduction to Art is a basic art class. All four aspects of California's Visual and Preforming Arts Standards will be addressed. That is that in addition to learning creative expression through the production of projects, students will learn; a history of art, how to interpret, understand and appreciate art. Our students will be introduced to the elements of art and the principles of design. Most importantly students will be taught how to apply creativity toward their success.



In Drawing and Painting your student will learn technique, different medium and the practicle application of art outside of school. There will again be focus on art history, understanding, interpretation and appreciation. We will spend more time on the principles of design and on creative processes than we did in Introduction to Art. Students will investigate careers in the arts, but the main point of this class is to learn how to draw and paint.  
Advanced Art will challenge your students thought processes. They will be challenged to bring to their art more than technique, and creativity. Advanced Art students will be challenged to think, to do thoughtful preparation before making a work of art. While this class too will delve into the real world applications of art, we will also address the more advanced versions of California's VAPA Standards.  
In Three Dimensional Art students will explore art off the flat plane of a canvas or piece of paper. They will be introoduced to tools and techniques for the shaping of several media, such as clay and plaster, into three dimensional works of art. Instruction will include; art history from objects made by pre-historic human artists to the works of modern sculptors such as Andy Goldsworthy; art appreciation interpretation and appreciation. Students will learn the elements of art and principles of design within a framework of project driven instruction.