Click here to read about hiring me to do quick caricatures at events. Event Caricatures by Tom Bant

Click here for full color gift caricatures done at my studio.

Gift Caricatures by Tom Bant
... and I also do Digital Caricatures like those to the lower right! Digital Caricatures by Tom Bant

Party, Wedding and other event planners

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Caricatures by Tom Bant in Wrightwood, California

A caricature is a cartoon in which the dominant aspects of the subject's face are emphasized for comedy.

Commonly referred to as "big head - little body drawings" they are too often criticized as "not looking like me!"

My caricatures always look like the person I'm drawing, I'll settle for no less!
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Jack Nicholson Caricature by Tom Bant
Vic Caricature by Tom BantMoranis Caricature by Tom BantCaricature by Tom Bant from Wrightwood
Celebrity Caricatures by Tom Bant from Wrightwood
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