I love what nature makes out of man's works. I love rust, and old wood and other signs of our decaying civilization.

I resent the guilt that trendy greenies inflict on us, as if humans are other than nature.

In big think the damage we do is miniscule, and it will take nature very little time to remove all record of us.


Barbed Wire Balloon Sculpture by Tom Bant



My Own Worst Enemy

This playful piece is a balloon made of welded strands of barbed wire.

It mounts to the ceiling, allowing the thin wire "string" to dangle.


Embrace Sculpture by Tom Bant

Must Be Love

I did this piece 34 years ago when I was going to college. It was an expression of my love. I still feel the same way about my Carol. (This piece is not for sale)


Who Dares Disturb My Lunch?

This life-sized bear is constructed of over 1,000 linear foot of metal rod. Inspired by my own peaceful encounter with a local giant, it is a very calm bear interrupted while dining.

Rebar Bear Face by Tom Bant from Wrightwood
Rebar Bear Face by Tom Bant from Wrightwood Rebar Bear Face by Tom Bant from Wrightwood

These photos are horribly inadequate. This is a very good sculpture, that captures the physicality and awesome presence of a great Brown Bear

Doomed by Tom Bant


An organic feeling entity is snatched from mid-air by ground dwelling, snakelike tentacles. The last, doomed struggle for existence has begun.

Doomed by Tom Bant


Romeo and Juliet Sculpture by Tom Bant

Romeo & Juliet

Sometimes art is presented to me by a higher power, I merely recognize it for what it is.

I found these two articles, a rusted old muffler and a bleached tree branch, within 20 feet of each other. I already had the muffler in my arms when I saw the branch and knew they were meant to be together.

Big Brass One Sculpture by Tom Bant from Wrightwood

Big Brass One

A very organic feeling piece. Made of plaster of paris with a simulated oxidized brass patina.



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