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Pages: [1] Upload New Photo - Here I directed a photo shoot to create photos that fit the areas of the logo and said what the company - This brochure design featured the beauty of torn paper edges, long before it became so popular in the fashion - This - The client was so thrilled with the paper sculpture brochure I did for them (featured on last page) that they had me do another. - This flyer was done for an affiliate of Pepsico.  The full color side was printed in large quantity.  The  regularly changing back side was imprinted in black - For this Van de Kamps post card.  I had the muffin shot, shot the glasses (which were much larger than they appear) in the same set and then married the images in - I love to play disc golf.  Here is a brochure I did for a manufacturer of discs.  An important part of their marketing is introducing the - I produced regular issues of this  two color tabloid newspaper for the National Forest. - - Here are two postcards done for Xerox. - This is a specification sheet used at Home - This brochure was for a company that offered a materials maintenance service.  The graphic here, made of different materials, is formatted to match an important chart from the inside. - Here is one version of a two color mailer I did regularly for Ballard - I produced this monthly, two color, local newspaper for several years.  Ads, editorial, spot illustrations and on ocassion some writing as well.
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