You hire me by the hour to draw 1 to 2 minute line drawings of your attendees.

My services are $100. an hour (look around...that's reasonable).

The drawings are free to your guests to take home as a memory of your event.

Everyone laughs and appreciates their caricature. People will be showing their cartoons around, gathering to watch me draw and having fun at your event.

I can do 20 to 25 black line caricatures in an hour. For smaller events I can add color and do the drawings in around five minutes each.

Event Caricatures by Tom BantCaricatures are great fun at Birthday Parties, Bah Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Wedding Receptions, Proms, Retirement Parties...

... Caricatures add to almost any event!

When you add a caricature artist to your event you add laughs; a great ice breaker that will get your guests talking, and a keepsake for them to take away with them.

Call me at (760) 249-5897

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Event Caricatures by Tom BantSouthern California Event Caricatures by Tom Bant
Event Caricatures by Tom Bant in WrightwoodTom Bant Event Caricature ArtistWrightwood Cartoonist Tom Bant
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