I've been creating successful print advertising materials for over 30 years.

Early in my career I was fortunate enough to work with a distinguished writer who told me that the purpose of graphic design was to get people to read his copy. True, but he didn't consider that good graphics can make the message just as efficiently as good copy.

The purpose of graphic design is to improve image and increase sales.

Here to the right are several examples of my printed work.




Mission Inn Advertisement by Tom BantMission Inn Advertisement by Tom Bant from WrightwoodMission Inn Ad by Tom BantMission Inn Advertisement by Tom Bant
This is a series of ads I designed and produced for the Impact Group on behalf of the Mission Inn in Riverside.
Time Brochure by Tom Bant
  This is the most beautiful brochure I've done. The art was produced to my specific design by Vladimir Paperny. It is elegant, briliantly designed and made by a masterful paper sculptor. It is eight beautiful 9 x 12 panels with six full color brochure inserts. A truly spectacular piece that I would be proud to show to you.
Graphic Design by Tom Bant from Wrightwood
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