I would like:

- to make $100 an hour

- some travel allowance on jobs beyond a 2 hour drive

- two hours or more per job

... mostly I would like to work a lot, so call me.

for a map that indicates travel times from my home.


I always keep in mind that I'm hired to make the event better!
I can walk among guests at a cocktail party with an easel in my arms. This takes up only a moving 2' x 5'. A sign hangs from my easel that says "Caricatures by T Bant compliments of The Client". A good idea for where people are standing and chatting, a good ice breaker.  

I can sit in one spot with my easel on a tripod and a chair for both myself and a guest. A small sign says "Caricatures by T Bant compliments of The Client".

This set-up requires about 2' x 5' and works for all kinds of events.

  I have a small table with a signboard in front. This board is covered with nearly 100 pre printed images onto which I draw the guests. This set-up requires 6' x 6'. The sign above says "Caricatures by T Bant compliments of The Client". I also have an E-Z Up. This is a good set-up for company picncs, golf tournaments etc.
  To see proof of my likenesses claim.
Tom Bant • (760) 249-5897 • e-mail: bants@verizon.net • P.O. Box 183, Wrightwood, California