When this Sherriff retired he traded his gun for a spatula and his squad car for an excellent barbeque grill. They asked me to design a logo for the "Tower 13 Grill" and depict a stark contrast to his working and retired lifestyles

When this CHP Lt. retired his crew hired me to commemorate his career in a caricature.

The project started with a full color invitation to his retirement party. I did a quick caricature of Lt. and put him into a Candyland graphic. I added a few other touches and employed my Graphic Design know-how to create this full color flyer.

Then I brought the caricature up to gift quality and put LT. behind his desk. He has fired a particular crew member in jest a thousand times over the intercom, so I drew him doing that.

He always had a Folgers coffee can full of gummy worms and Jolly Ranchers on his desk. That's why he is called the "Candyman"

There are a group of his crew he always referred to as the "swamp". He warned he would drain that swamp and get them all out in the field. This thought bubble-cartoon clearly refers to that threat. I did a caricature of each of them too.

The caricature was matted with four inches of matt all around so that everyone at the retirement party could sign it before it was framed and presented to him.

I'm hoping they hire me to do live caricatures at the party.



Then I was hired to do a caricature when the Commander retired.

They asked me to put him in a Lambourgini, being chased to the finish line by a couple of patrol cars.

You can have the illustration framed with a four to five inch mat and have everyone at the retirement party sign the mat.
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